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About Sandra Weese

Over the years I come to realize that the emotional reading of any kind of creative piece, music, drawing, a design is pretty much immediate. How does it make you feel? What experience does it provoke?

During the design process, when I work out what that feeling needs to be,  everything else seems to fall into place.

Never mind the tools – print, mobiles, 3D, apps  – they always come up with new technical applications constantly.  But the emotional response to a color, a flavor are bound to cultural & social cues – at its best even universal cues  – and those work in any medium.


It all started off with a lot of movement: Design BA at Goldsmiths, University of London, then my first job as a graphic designer in DIE GESTALTEN, Berlin.  An amazing city, but the cold, cold winters made me try out living and working in Athens, Greece and then Paris, France.

Then getting into online projects with a short period at VASAVA in Barcelona. I fell in love with the city and it is still Barcelona today, working as a freelancer since 2003.

The graphic & branding part was always present, while the online part, especially in the early days of web design has kept changing and shifting. I started off as a flash-designer, programming web-sites and applications myself ( Valeria Cavestany,   4iD or Stylofoam V2 o V1 etc…yupp, none of them work now anymore unfortunatly)

In many ways I was quite disappointed when Flash died, since it gave us designers a lot of freedom.  It was a period of great experimentation. I felt that with flash disappearing, the web would standardize a lot, which seems to be exactly what has happened. I guess the web has become more utilitarian too.  Not programming myself anymore, I started to collaborate with web developers to program the designs I come up with, to free me to concentrate on the graphical and design stage.


Especially in an area like web development, there are usually a lot of questions, understandably so. Will the site work on mobiles? What about SEO? Can I update content myself? What about hosting or Back-ups? And do you deal with security as well? Can I add a second language later on? Hopefully you can find answers to a few of the most common questions we always get asked.  If not, feel free to get in touch.



Another question we get a lot is ” shall we start with the web before we do the logo or vice versa?” It doesn’t always have to be a specific process, but there are certain logical steps that make the workflow smooth.



Apart from the general FAQ, there are obviously also the financial questions and the specific terms and conditions that you sign when we start a project together.

A quote cannot really be generalized and will always depend on the project specifications – what kind of logo, how many branding elements you need, how many languages, sections etc etc (and yes, we drop our prices for a nice project like a useful NGO and if there is the time to do it).  However, the global terms and conditions are for all the same. Have a peek before you sign: